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Paresh Trivedi

Curator & Founder

THE NEOSTAR: Adapting Multimedia Marketing and Production in India

The power of multimedia production and marketing has become a driving force for organisations and brands all over the world in the quickly changing digital landscape. THE NEOSTAR, an Indian multimedia production and marketing company formed by the brilliant businessman Paresh Trivedi, is one organisation that stands out in this vibrant sector. THE NEOSTAR has quickly become known for its capacity to attract audiences and deliver impactful messaging across a variety of media platforms because to its unique approach and dedication to excellence.

THE NEOSTAR's driving force:

Paresh Trivedi, the innovative leader of THE NEOSTAR, was a pioneer in recognising the enormous potential of multimedia marketing and production. With a strong passion for technology, commercial acumen, and narrative, Trivedi set out to found a business that would change the face of multimedia creation in India.

The NEOSTAR's Methodology

THE NEOSTAR is famous for its unique method of marketing and producing multimedia content. The business combines creativity, technology, and strategy, operating at the nexus of these fields to create engaging content that connects with audiences. THE NEOSTAR has successfully carved out a space for itself in the fiercely competitive business thanks to its unrelenting dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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Films & Multimedia

Our Catalogue

Here are some of the many incredible stories that are now live for the world to witness.

Vivid Bottles (Trailer)

Vivid stories of vivid personalities. But... are they intertwined with one another or are parallel? Find out about it in my new short film, set to release shortly.

Konkan Nama

A 5-piece web series that explores the beauty of Konkan. The film aims to reflect the majestic beauty of Western Maharashtra with some poetic narration in the background by Snehal Dalvi.

Fame Idol

Performers of the Year: India is a nation with talents in every corner. With Fame Idol, my team’s endeavor is to give a stage to these talents. Here are some young guns who set the stage on fire!

Gems of Navi Mumbai

In this series of interviews, I’m in conversation with some of the prominent personalities from the city of Navi Mumbai, who have built themselves from scratch and today are the inspiration for many.

Iss Zindagi Ko

Sung by Abhay Gupta, I wrote this song for everyone who's going through a phase in their lives. Just hold on a bit, a phase never stays, and it shall pass soon!

Kaisi Ye Kahani

Not every love story reaches a happy ending and that's what this song revolves around. Vocals by a fabulous artist Abhay Gupta, the song is dedicated to every lover out there who is left with nothing but some beautiful memories.

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Working Process

The roadmap of making REEL out of REAL.

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    01. Pre-production

    The stage where every bit of the project is planned. From building a team to assigning the right job to getting the right equipment.

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    02. Production

    Here, the plan is laid down for real, shootings, recording, and everything that we need to bring out the best result is done here.

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    03. Post-production

    With every snip, the project takes its final shape. Post-production is where we shape the project like a fine diamond.

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    04. Multimedia Promotion

    Once the project is ready for the world, we promote it to maximize its reach, so that the piece reaches its final destination, its audience.

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