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The post-covid time stepped in with a lot of challenges, especially for small business owners. It was becoming difficult for them to keep up with the changing market environment and meet the target customers in the most relevant way. I, with a team of experienced professionals from different arenas of digital marketing, work with an aim to bring these small businesses to the forefront of their market with the help of the most appropriate digital marketing and development services.

Working with undivided attention to generating multiplied revenue and delivering visible results, my team has been active in the game for more than 9 years, tracking every movement of the ever-changing digital landscape.

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In today's fast-paced startup landscape, online presence, establishing a brand and digital marketing have become a critical component of businesses' overall. With the increasing reliance on digital channels for customer engagement, brand visibility, and revenue generation, effective digital marketing activities have become essential for businesses to stay competitive and thrive in the digital era.

In this case study, we will explore how ComboJumbo, a leading restaurant chain in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai, leveraged its online presence, its digital infrastructure and digital marketing activities to achieve significant business outcomes. We will highlight the benefits and potential of strategic digital marketing, including increased brand visibility, enhanced customer engagement, and substantial revenue growth.

SWOT Analysis

S: A multi cuisine Veg & Jain restaurant hits the bulls eye with a rather large audience segment. With multiple innovative dishes many of which are not usually available in veg and hardly in jain we are holding an ace in our ranks.

W: With no non-veg and alcohol we will be missing a good chunk of audience. With many new concept restaurants popping up it will be difficult to differentiate ourselves but we were up for the challenge.

O: An underlying concept of Combo Meals and Jumbo deals, is something every Indian will adore its like getting more than what you pay for.

T: There is a good chance that we could be termed as one of the many veg restaurants by the audience which will be disastrous to our image and future plans.

Problem Statement

In cities like Mumbai/Navi Mumbai, where restaurants of all kinds can be found dime a dozen, the main challenge for Combo Jumbo was establishing its unique identity in the market and with time, becoming relevant to its target audience and becoming a place that people would love to visit religiously. But generating maximum footfall is and always has been at the core of problems for any F&B business. Because that's where the revenue generation takes place. But this was just Phase 1.

Combo Jumbo is a pure veg multi-cuisine restaurant, with its main focus on vegetarians, (of course), Jains and people who like to try new dishes. Talking about vegetarians and Jains, they are very cautious when it comes to going out to eat. Combo Jumbo had exactly what they were looking for. Here is where Phase 2 started.

Combo Jumbo had to reach out to its target audience with its message in an appropriate tone that connects. For Combo Jumbo, this challenge was a question mark, as they were stepping into a market that has already garnered their customers and had made a strong base of their own.


We started with the brand setup for Combo Jumbo which included its logo, website, social media handles, brand guidelines, stationery, menu and other brand collaterals. This collectively built a digital infrastructure for them.

As brand awareness was at the base of all requirements, we started off with local SEO by setting up and optimizing the restaurant's Google Business Profile, which was then accompanied by SEO, Social Media strategies, and targeted paid advertising campaigns.In SEO, we made CJ's presence on multiple business portals to enhance its brand presence. Also, we got featured in multiple blogs that recommended top restaurants.

Social Media strategies were concentrated on ongoing trends like exams, cricket series, etc and the posts were designed accordingly, which attracted a huge audience.

Our paid advertising not only focused on generating maximum walk-ins but also targeted getting banquet bookings as it contributed majorly to the top-line revenue.

The aim to leave a brand's mark in its audience's mind and make it credible was accomplished through online reviews and testimonials by the customers.

As CJ served only veg and Jain cuisines, it was losing on a wide audience base who preferred alcohol and non-veg dishes. So, to attract this audience, CJ's brand perception was built in such a way that it was a hotspot to try new dishes which are nowhere to be found but CJ.


  • Increased Calls : Our digital marketing efforts resulted in a substantial increase in direct calls, with a 30% increase in month on month calls via GBP optimisation. In addition we also received additional 40% calls.These gains were achieved through an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, social media strategy, and targeted paid advertising campaigns.
  • Increased footfalls: The first couple of months there was no exceptional response, no honeymoon period of crowds flooding in, but with carefully intricate strategies on multiple media we were flooded with customers. A 170% of our target numbers dined with us in the first quarter. Moving ahead we also inculcated some offline campaigns which complimented our digital marketing with a decent 8-10% increase in monthly numbers.
  • Positive Brand Perception: Combo Jumbo’s digital marketing activities positively impacted brand perception among its target audience which was already craving for a pure veg and pure jain restaurant. Online reviews and testimonials also showed an increase in positive feedback, reflecting the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts in enhancing the brand image and reputation.
  • Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI): We delivered a significant return on investment (ROI). The overall marketing spend decreased by 15% per outlet after the 3rd quarter, while the revenue generated from digital channels increased by 25%. This helped Combo Jumbo in planning their new restaurants in neighbouring locations and start them with a renewed vigour and confidence with their digital backbone more strengthened than ever.


The core service or the core product is just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a successful brand. It has now become essential to take this forward by building a digital infrastructure, connecting to its target audience, and curating its brand perception among the target audience, weather you’re a B2B company or a B2C it doesn’t matter.

Digital Marketing practices enable you to step out as a brand and expand your business, be it revenue generation, brand perception or online presence.

For Combo Jumbo, we set up their brand, by building a comprehensive digital infrastructure, powered by strategic digital marketing practices which helped them in the process of achieving their goals.

When a business turns into a brand, it not only carries out its daily operations but focuses on a bigger picture of how people are perceiving it and the quality of connection with the audience.

Combo Jumbo started with one outlet initially, which has recently inaugurated its 10th restaurant and planning to come up with more spots for the people who not only love food but celebrate food and are fond of witnessing a variety of culinary experiences. All of this in just 4.5 years.

This is what digital marketing does for a business. Tools, when used at the right place at the right time, bring out the results that were once on your storyboard as a part of your projections.


Senex Memory Advisors approached us to improve their website's user experience and increase conversions. We conducted a thorough analysis of the site and identified several areas for improvement, including redesigning the homepage, simplifying the navigation, and optimizing the checkout process. Using a combination of user research, design thinking, and agile development, we implemented these changes and saw a 30% increase in conversions within the first month of launch. The client was thrilled with the results and praised our team for their expertise and collaboration throughout the project.


We partnered with The Cosmetic clinic- a dental clinic that had zero online presence and only one physical clinic location. We began by creating a strong brand identity, including a modern logo and comprehensive brand manual. Next, we designed and developed a custom website that highlighted the clinic's services, patient testimonials, and location information. Our team then implemented targeted paid advertising campaigns and social media management, resulting in a significant increase in online visibility and patient inquiries. Due to our success, the clinic entrusted us to manage their online presence across all seven of their locations. Our agency continues to serve as the clinic's growth partner, providing ongoing website maintenance, advertising, and social media services that have resulted in a steady increase in new patients and overall revenue growth. The Cosmetic clinic has praised our team's expertise, collaboration, and dedication to helping them achieve their goals.


We collaborated with Asia's largest load testing company HEFT, to create a software solution that automates the testing process for cranes and heavy machinery. Our team designed and developed a custom application that streamlines the testing process, reducing manual time and improving accuracy. Additionally, the software enables the load testing company to register each product and track its annual recertification, while also allowing companies to monitor their equipment health and receive automated reminders for maintenance and recertification. This innovative solution has revolutionized the load testing industry, providing significant time and cost savings, as well as improving overall safety standards. The load testing company has commended our team's expertise and partnership in creating this game-changing solution.

EXAM 101

We partnered with an edtech company Exam 101, to create a website and mobile app that helps students prepare for competitive exams in both government and private sectors. We worked closely with the client to design an intuitive user interface and develop an optimized user journey that meets the needs of the target audience. In addition to developing the platform, our team implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included targeted paid advertising campaigns, regular content marketing on social media, and guest posting on relevant blogs and publications. Thanks to our efforts, Exam 101 gained over 15,000 students in the first two quarters of launch, achieving significant growth and establishing a strong foothold in the competitive exam preparation market. The client has praised our team's expertise, creativity, and dedication to helping them achieve their business goals.

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